Should You Spit Or Swallow Sex

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should you spit or swallow sex


Follow us on Twitter! All Christian sex bloggers eventually get around to the question: should a wife swallow her husband’s semen? As usual, the answer is “if she The Joy of Swallowing . Why Swallow? Cum Swallowing Tips. How to Practice Swallowing. Is Swallowing Cum Safe? Better Tasting Cum. Cum Nutritional Facts When giving a blowjob, is it better to spit or swallow? Why are you even asking that question? Of course it’s better to swallow! Swallowing always wins, hands down. I googled spit or swallow and found this interesting article from a Yale University student. This was dated December 7, 2001 so its already like 8 years old. If you’re uncomfortable with the idea of gulping down semen, or you’ve tried it and had a bad experience, being able to practice swallowing cum in a safe, relaxed S.. Saddle To dream of saddles, foretells news of a pleasant nature, also unannounced visitors. You are also, probably, to take a trip which will prove advantageous. .

Have you seen this list? 100 Cum Swallowing Tips. It’s pretty hot. And interesting – suggestions include pineapples, Tic Tacs, Equal, Coke, cough drops, celery To spit or to swallow? That is the question. Women are split on the issue. Some act as if semen is poison while others greedily swallow and suck their man dry. A few compelling arguments for never swallowing after oral sex. If you mix paint and sex, you get Maleja69 and a night of unpredictable fun. .

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should you spit or swallow sex